course map

Hole no. 1, a dog leg, One tees off facing the mountain, and on good days one can see both peaks of the mountain.


The fairway is dogleg and is 376 yds long. (This is one of the badly drought affected fairways) Having covered the distance you come to the green. As you put you watch the snowcapped roof of Africa.

Hole no. 2, (147 yds) a par three. One tees off still facing the mountain, and has the club house directly behind him.


On green no 2 one can see the Kibo peak peeping out on top of the trees.

Hole no. 3 (358 yds) is a par 4. One tees off with the highest peak on ones left.


On green no 3 one puts with the mountain still visible on ones left.

Hole no. 4 is a par 5 and is 552 yds long. When one comes to the green and turns round to see the distance, one will come face to face with the highest mountain in Africa.


Hole no. 5 is a par 3 (174 yds). One hits straight on the green and puts under a beautiful shed of trees.

Hole no. 6 (375 yds) is a dogleg par 4. After the drive as one turns right to face the green one also faces the beautiful mountain peak.

Hole no. 7 (395 yds) is a straight par 4. When the green and one turns around one will be certain that one is playing golf on the slopes of mount Kilimanjaro, the roof of Africa.

Hole no. 8 (428 yds) is a par 4 and stroke index one. One struggles through it on to the green and then to tee number 9.

Hole no. 9 (412 yds) is a straight par 4. A straight aim at the top of the mountain will land one in the middle of the fairway.


From the middle of the fairway, one hits straight to the green.


This brings us to the end of our front nine tour. In the back nine we use the same greens, but the holes are now numbered 10 to 18. In all cases we use different Tees. The SSS for the course is 71, 35 for the first 9 and 36 for the 2nd nine.